Beauty in a SNOWY world !

We are rain lovers but nature has an another form of precipitation too – in the form of snow. For people like us having come from tropical heat all year round, cold is a bit of aberration. To be quite honest after the first few times the cold weather takes a toll on us. Having said that it does not stop us in stepping outside. We have gone for walks right in the middle of blizzards just for the heck of it. Snow brings immense beauty to the landscape and how can we miss it. For us rain and snow are all water which means it is a form of blessing.

The winters are particularly fierce in many areas in United States. Our area receives what is called as lake effect snow and hence the blizzards land with an extra bang. We will cover life in winter in a different blog post, but here we have posted few pictures just to show the magical look of the place after a snowstorm.


One cannot say whether this a black and white image or colour as the snow covers everything except for the barks of the trees.

snow , The fox squirrel (Sciurus niger)

One of the few residents who come out during winter but only for a few moments – The fox squirrel (Sciurus niger)

snow , pines

In the middle of snow storm – the pathway back to our place is all but disappeared but with the help of these planted pines we can find our way through.


snow, lake erie , lake side home

The frozen lake Erie front. All those fancy lake view homes face a brutal onslaught,  something they don’t show in the movies !


snow , road

The drive to home. Looks magical but driving on slippery roads is not. The real headache is the next day of the snowstorm when all the snow compacts into ice on the road. The road becomes a ice skating ring !

snow, trees

As seen from a cliff side the row of trees take in the first round of snow and create a hazy image of a mixture of snow and swaying branches


snow, shining

As seen from a sodium vapour lamp, the snow particles crystallizes because of bitter cold and starts to shine like star dust.


snow, pines

The pines trees are the only ones to have some foliage and they trap falling snow.


snow, man , lake erie

For us cold is sometimes unbearable but for most western people tropical heat is unbearable. This guy was roaming around on the snow pile on the edge of lake Erie. The entire area behind him is surface of lake Erie.

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