Dhela in Summer Green

Forest patrolling hut , himalayan pink balsam , Dhela

The forest patrolling hut where we stayed for the night. The entire place was surrounded by Himalayan pink balsam.

Dhela, wildflowers, himalayas , cinquefoil

The floral diversity of Dhela is unmatched. Having visited the valley of flowers in Uttarakhand , we can say Dhela has more species to explore than the valley of flowers.

frozen river, dhela, camping, himalayas

We had camped in possibly the most beautiful location we could find – right at the end of a frozen river.

Himalayan Whorlflower , Morina longifolia , himalayas, dhela

Himalayan Whorlflower is a beautiful evergreen perennial herb from the Himalayas. The flowering stalks are more than 3 feet in height and where they grow in abundance, the place is magical.

Forget me not flower , dhela, himalayas

The blue shades are because of forget-me-not flowers blooming together. Though a pretty sight , it turned out to be a nightmare to navigate through them when we reached there.

morning, dhela, balsams, himalayas

The morning sunrise in Dhela…as the first light comes the bird life comes into action with several call echoing through the valley. A photograph does have its limitations.

apiaceae , dhela, wildflower, himalayas

One of the most common of all flowers found in Dhela. The flower belongs to the apiaceae family , the same family that gives us coriander.

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