Our favorite flowers

Searching for wildflowers is one of our primary activities where ever we go. In our daily life we have limited ourselves to few varieties of flowers whereas in actual reality there are thousands and thousands of species to look for. While orchids are always beautiful , a fact that everybody knows, so are cinquefoils which not a lot of people are aware of. Below are some of our favorite flowers.

Pasqueflower/ Pulsatilla patens

Pulsatilla patens, Pasque flower,Rocy mountain wildflower

Wholeleaf Indian Paintbrush/ Castilleja integra 

Wholeleaf Indian Paintbrush, Castilleja integra ,california wildflower

Big Bend prickly pear / Grusonia aggeria

Big Bend prickly pear,Grusonia aggeria,big bend national park cactus,bigbend national park wildflower

Himalayan Cinquefoil / Potentilla atrisanguinea

Himalayan Cinquefoil , Potentilla atrisanguinea,Himalayan wildflower

Mountain Ball Cactus / Pediocactus simpsonii

Mountain Ball Cactus, Pediocactus simpsonii , Rocky mountain

Heart-shaped Slipper Orchid / Cypripedium cordigerum

Heart-shaped Slipper Orchid, Cypripedium cordigerum , himalayas

Rocky Mountain Columbine / Aquilegia Caerulea 

Rocky Mountain Columbine, Aquilegia Caerulea , rocky mountains

Kashmir Lagotis/Lagotis cashmeriana

Kashmir Lagotis,Lagotis cashmeriana,Dhela wildflower,Himalayan wildflower

Himalayan Monkshood/Aconitum heterophyllum

Himalayan Monkshood,Aconitum heterophyllum,Indian Himalayan wildflower

Mexican crinklemat/Tiquilia mexicana

Mexican crinklemat,Tiquilia mexicana,big bend national park wildflower


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