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Bird watching became a passion over a period of time as we kept seeing new birds while searching for birds and butterflies. Birding is now one of the primary objectives of travelling. Till now we have spotted 650 species of Indian birds and nearly 400 species of North American birds. That is more than half of the bird checklist in those regions. We continue to add more species to that count every year as we continue birding. While we try to photograph the birds we see, sometimes we just watch ! 

Yellow Warbler

Yellow Warbler or Setophaga petechia  is a small busy bird hopping around the bushes. Primarily found in North America these birds are a treat to the eye. Imagine little tennis balls jumping from one place to another. The black eyes in the bright yellow body looks like they are marked with a marker !

Pacific Golden Plover

The first time we saw these cute birds were in the middle of Chennai ad-mist busy traffic while overlooking from  Adyar Bridge in Chennai. They were busy scurrying around and the way they run make them adorable. They are huge travelers migrating from southern tip of India to Arctic tundras. Every year we eagerly wait for their annual return.

Puertorican Emerald

One of our favorite humming birds. North america is home to numerous humming birds and all of them are brightly colored. This particular bird though is from the Caribbean region . Its about the size of a sun bird in India. 

Indian Peafowl

“ikkaraikku akkarai pachai” is a Tamil proverb which means that the other side of the shore is always green when you look from this side of the river. Like that I see so many people telling me “foreign birds are more colorful , isn’t it ? “. Our own Peafowl is by far the most extravagant bird in the entire world. Believe this, nothing comes closer ! You can travel the world and search the mountains and jungles  but you will not find any equivalent to this beauty. The real amazing part is that they are not even rare and are people friendly. 


Raptors are in a league of their own. If the Indian Peafowl is elegant , raptors are the majestic ones. They sit tall and scan the horizons and circle high in the sky. Osprey is an exclusive fish eater and could be found around water bodies all over the world. 

Wood duck

One thing about seeing images of beautiful birds on the internet, but its a totally another thing to see them directly. When we saw the Wood duck for the first time we did not even recognize it as it was not in its breeding plumage. We managed a picture before it flew away but the same bird in breeding plumage is totally another thing. How can a bird transform this much always brings us the ” awe” !

Mottled Wood Pigeon

We always like doves and pigeons  because they are elegant and always up to “mischief”! The mottled wood pigeon was a rare bird but a casual find for us. Normally you walk and search for birds but this one came to us as we were sitting doing nothing in Himalayas. With the rains coming down and the mist in the region, it was magical. We also appreciate the color of the nails !!


Bar Headed Goose

These geese fly from India above the Himalayas to reach their summer breeding ground in Siberia. They reach altitudes of more than 30000 feet, which is higher than Mount Everest. During winter they visit India and sit around as if they are just another lazy goose.

Tri Colored Munia

This little seed eating bird can be seen hopping in grasslands , hanging from a blade of grass. They are so small and light weight that a blade of grass can support them. They often get into groups and can be very gregarious.

Tri colored Munia, indian birds, munia

Eastern Blue Bird

It is a small insect eating bird which lives in meadows and open grasslands. Once it was pushed to the brink of extinction but managed to survive. 

eastern bluebird, america bird , favourite birds 



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