Why we Travel

One has to be clear about the urge to travel before a life surrounding travel can be weaved into shape. One can simply say that the world is big and beautiful and hence I am travelling. But you need more than that to sustain a life around it. We believe there has to be a deeper reason than that unless of course you are doing it for money.

For us the principle reason was the mechanical way of life that we are forced to live to keep the modern society going. We all are put into a pattern of doing things and a schedule is given for entire life. School-job-marriage-kids-kids school-kids college-kids marriage-kid’s kids….it just goes on and all the way we have to never forget that the principle thing to do in life is to earn money and keep up with the above schedule. Even if you skip the marriage thing still you have to revolve around some money making activity , which will ultimately bring you back to a pattern.

Now add to this mechanical life , the fact that we have only one life and even in that, you are going to be self conscious only after a certain age and you will lose self consciousness after a certain age. My logic would be that , given such a scenario, is it worth sitting in an office for 40 years expending  that precious life. Quite simply there is no point in a job-money-retirement-death scenario.

Further we are also irritated by the fact that the natural world has to be  destroyed to sustain this slavery based society. We love the natural world and would love to protect it. But “how to save it” is the question? After hard thoughts we realized since we are all woven into the society , we are ourselves individually destructive.

As long as we are part of civilization, we are going to be part of environmental destruction.

So we decided to quit our corporate jobs because whatever job we do is only ultimately destroying the world. Even a software job sitting in front of a computer will still require resources from the natural world and the company you are coding for will do the destruction instead of you…Frankly you are the support team for destruction.

The Pallikaranai marshland in Chennai is a heaven for birds but over the years in the name of development almost all of it is gone. Now even the metro is slated to go through it. As a nature lover what can a person do ? Infact when we went to the metro office to just enquire we were thrown out.

In such a scenario , the apparent thing to do is to quit corporate jobs and fight for the natural world but how to do it without money ? When even food is money , what can anyone do? When big destructors are well funded it is stupid to even think that you can change them by environmental awareness among people, when people are themselves bonded laborers for the same system. We got ourselves actively involved in certain environmental activities but all that only cleared the picture and provided the proof for what we already knew. One group of environmentalists are doing this for money alone and other for fame and some for both. The few others with genuine concern for nature are so out of touch with reality that they talk without logic of any sort. I can elaborate on the stupidity to an extend that I even wrote a book about it.

It is at this junction we realized that we are like stones fighting against missiles.

So how does one  balance life and love for environment , when one feeds on the other ?

We decided to live a simple life,  with our life revolving around the beauty of nature and our natural world neighbours. People cannot be changed if they are told but they change when they start following. We decided we rather try to be examples on how you can quit the system of control at a very early stage in your life with a little planning. Read my “how we fund our travel” blog to get an idea on how to beat the system.

See the fact is , Life can be simple and beautiful. The early you realize this, the better it is for you as you can enjoy life as it was meant to be. One has to slowdown to realize it. Once you slowdown you will find there is more to see around your home than around the world. Also, understand that seeing the world and realizing the world is different. The more you travel , the more you observe and the better you understand the world. Travelling and observing the natural world wonders made us humble infront of the planet and made us who we are now.

So to answer the question of “why we travel” , we can answer that in two parts…to be in touch with nature and for setting an example to others by showing that there are other ways of living.

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