Wildflowers of Kaas

The Kaas plateau is part of the Sahyadri mountains of Western Ghats. The region is one of the biodiversity hotspots in India with several species of flora calling it home. After the rains in July the Kaas plateau transforms into a lush green meadow and once the balsams start blooming the entire area is covered with a carpet of flowers. If you are a wildflower lover, in India Kaas is a place you should not miss. When it comes to flowers we are meticulous searchers. We are listing below some of the special ones.

Begonia crenata-Common Begonia

Kaas plateau,Begonia crenata,Common Begonia,kaas wildflower

Utricularia striatula-striped bladderwort

Utricularia striatula,striped bladderwort,kaas wildflower,utricularia faded,carnivorous plant

Curcuma caulina – Indian arrowroot

Kaas plateau,kaas wildflower,Indian arrowroot, Curcuma caulina


Begonia phrixophylla – Shimpli

Kaas plateau,Kaas wildflower,Begonia phrixophylla , Shimpli

Adelocaryum lambertianum – Lambert’s Borage

Kaas plateau,Kaas wildflower,Adelocaryum lambertianum - Lambert's Borage

Habenaria longicornu – Long-Horned Habenaria

Kaas plateau,Kaas wildflower,Habenaria longicornu - Long-Horned Habenaria

Pogostemon deccanensis – Jambhli manjiri

Kaas plateau,Kaas wildflower,Pogostemon deccanensis - Jambhli manjiri

Utricularia albocaerulea – White-Blue Bladderwort

Kaas wildflower,kaas plateau,Utricularia albocaerulea - White-Blue Bladderwort,carnivorous plant

Impatiens lawii – Law’s Impatiens

Kaas plateau,Kaas wildflowers,Kaas carpet flowers,Impatiens lawii,Law's Impatiens


Habenaria heyneana – Toothbrush Orchid

Habenaria heyneana - Toothbrush Orchid,Kaas wildflower,Kaas plateau,Kaas orchid

Nymphoides indica – Water Snowflake

Kaas pond plant,Kaas water plant,kumidhini kaas,kaas wildflowers,Nymphoides indica - Water Snowflake

Habenaria digitata -Green habenaria

Kaas orchid,Kaas wildflower,Habenaria digitata -Green habenaria

Cyanotis tuberosa -sahayadri dew grass



Murdannia lanuginosa – Marsh Dewflower

Pinda concanensis – Konkan pinda

Kaas plateau,Kaas wildflower,Pinda concanensis,Konkan Pinda

Smithia setulosa – Bristly Smithi

Kaas wildflower,Kaas plateau,Smithia setulosa,Bristly Smithia


Delphinium malabaricum – Malabar Delphinium

Kaas wildflower,Kaas plateau flowers,Delphinium malabaricum, Malabar Delphinium

Polygala erioptera – Woolly-Winged Milkwort

Kaas wildflower,Kaas plateau flower,Polygala erioptera,Woolly-Winged Milkwort

Murdannia nudiflora – Naked-Stem Dewflower

Kaas wildflower,Kaas plateau flower,Murdannia nudiflora - Naked-Stem Dewflower

Utricularia purpurascens- Grass Leaved Bladderwort

Kaas wildflower,Kaas plateau flower,Utricularia purpurascens,Grass Leaved Bladderwort

Dipcadi ursulae – Ursula dipcadi

Kaas wildflower,Kaas dipcadi,Kaas plateau flower, Dipcadi ursulae,Ursula dipcadi

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